Most Effective and Safe Persian Rug Cleaning Services in Scarborough

      Persian rugs are delicate and authentic. Having these types of flooring feels like a huge investment. However, it becomes the center of attraction in your room and the responsibility of keeping it clean all the time falls on your shoulder. But, don’t worry about the cleaning stuff because we have got you covered with our best Persian rug cleaning services in Scarborough.

      Professionally cleaning your rug every year can assist extend its life and improving its beauty. Although you can clean a Persian rug yourself, extensive cleaning is usually best left to a local professional Persian rug cleaning expert. We understand what is best for the fabrics and how to remove stains effectively. Furthermore, a skilled professional will properly dry your rug before returning it to its original location.

      So, connect with us right away and get the best Persian rug cleaning in Scarborough. Hurry up; your flooring is waiting for this special cleaning treatment.

      Benefits of Professional Persian Rug Cleaning Services

      Hiring a professional to conduct any cleaning in your house may seem like a waste, but this is not the case with rug cleaning! Hiring a professional rug cleaning service for your house is beneficial not only for the beauty of your rug but also for the air quality of your home and much more.

      Here we have given some advantages of hiring professionals for professional Persian rug cleaning:

      Techniques for Removing Dirt

      We all know that just vacuuming your rugs will not remove all of the collected dust and particles. Our professional rug cleaners have the necessary equipment for deep Persian rug cleaning. After evaluating your rug for spots or stains, our rug cleaners utilise a rug duster, an automated machine that blasts compressed air and gently taps the back of the flooring to release dried dirt and debris before washing. This procedure is much gentler on the rug than traditional methods of pounding or shaking it.

      Rug Buckling and Shrinkage are reduced

      When washing Persian rugs incorrectly, excessive shrinkage or buckling might result. To avoid such mishaps, Spark Rug Cleaning Perth employs a dry cleaning procedure to prevent extra water. This process dramatically lowers drying time and the impacts of extended wetness.

      We have Master rug cleaners who are devoted to safely cleaning and restoring the beauty of your rugs. If you have valuable Persian rugs in your house, you may put their maintenance and cleaning in the hands of the qualified professionals that provide top-notch Persian rug cleaning in Scarborough.

      Avoid Dye Run

      Chemical cleaning agents or overwetting may cause the dyes used to colour Persian rugs to react. When you use the wrong cleaning solution on your rug, the colours may run together. That’s known as dye run. To avoid this, our Persian rug cleaning experts clean your flooring without any harmful shampoos or soaps. We spin-dry all Oriental rugs after cleaning them by utilising a 900-rpm centrifuge intended to avoid colour run.

      Use of Safe Cleaning Solvents

      When you clean your rug at home, you may get the cleaning detergents available in the household store. Rug cleaning specialists use green and harmless cleaning solvents and wash off the stains and dirty patches gently. They make your rug shine like before without any harm.

      The detergents you found in the stores are of harmful chemicals. These chemicals may harm your pets and kids. Therefore, it’s always safe to look for a rug cleaning company that uses green cleaning solvents to protect your rug and health.

      Cleaning your rugs at home takes time. All you have to do when you hire a professional rug cleaning is let them enter your home and they will handle the rest! You can go about your business or go to work while they clean. Hiring a professional service is also less expensive than buying the supplies yourself, taking time off work, or replacing the rugs entirely.

      During various periods of the year, several rug cleaning firms even offer discount packages and discounts. So, connect with us now and talk to our staff about your rug cleaning requirements. Once you book our hassle-free rug cleaning service, our experts will visit your home for further process.

      How Our Persian Rug Cleaning Experts Clean the Flooring?

      Spark Rug Cleaning Perth is proud to provide a cutting-edge rug washing facility where we delicately hand wash each rug utilising organic shampoos and live bacteria enzymes to eliminate odour. Our rug cleaning technique is tailored to each type of fabric, whether it’s silk, wool or synthetic like viscose, polyester, acrylic, nylon or others.

      Here is our one-of-a-kind multi-step rug cleaning technique, which is designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness while conserving the rug:

      • First of all, we inspect your rug and design a customized plan to make it spotless.
      • Then we begin the pre-washing procedure to remove any existing stains, defects, or damages.
      • Hand-washing begins with the removal of the bulk of soil from the rug using organic shampoo, brushes, and paddles.
      • The rug’s surface (front) is then washed at least three times, with each wash rinsing until the water runs clean. The back of the rug is then washed and rinsed at least three times, until the water runs clear each time, for a total of at least six washes and rinses of the front and back.
      • Deodorization in an enzyme bath to eliminate odours generated by pet urine, cigarette smoke, and other causes. To safeguard the fibres of your flooring, we employ a safe deodorization procedure.
      • Our drying procedure begins on a level surface. To minimise further mould infestations, we ensure that the rug is totally dry.
      • We do not use any heavy gear in the washing process to safeguard the integrity of your rug.
      • After we have completed the entire cleaning procedure, our professionals perform a last post-cleaning evaluation to determine the state of the rug.
      • Then we groom to straighten the fringe and return the pile to its original orientation, followed by a final vacuuming to eliminate any leftover tiny dirt particles, if any.

      Our rug cleaning procedure depends on the condition of the rug. That’s why we focus on the inspection process and use a strategy accordingly. To know more about how our professionals work, call us right away. We also offer rug sanitization services for your safety.

      Don’t worry; Your Persian Rug is in Safe Hands!

      Spark Rug Cleaning Perth is a certified company with licenced professionals and Persian rug cleaning Experts. These specialists are well-trained and experienced too. With our gentle cleaning solvents and advanced techniques, we ensure 100% guaranteed results. So, contact us now and get the best Persian rug cleaning services in Scarborough.

      By connecting with us, you will get:

      So, do not wait for too long. If you ignore the dirt, stains and dullness of your rug, you may have to replace it for good. By hiring professionals, you save money on rug replacement. Connect with us now and get a quotation on call 0480032431.


      1. Can Persian rugs be cleaned?

      Persian rugs should be cleaned professionally at least once a year, but you can still do it yourself. If you’ve decided that the rug is clean, vacuum/swipe/shake it to remove dirt. Spray cool water on both sides of the rug.

      2. How do I clean my Persian rug on my own?

      Colour fast area rugs may be washed by hand with a gentle detergent, soft-bristled brush, or sponge. To remove the odour, vigorously rinse them with water mixed with a dollop of white vinegar. They should be hanging to dry.

      3. Can you vacuum a Persian rug?

      You should never use this cleaning tool on a Persian Rug. Vacuuming a Persian rug is generally a safe idea. It keeps dirt from sinking into the rug where it can accumulate and cause harm. A vacuum with a revolving brush attachment, also known as a beater bar, should be avoided.

      4. How long can a Persian rug last?

      Your rug could last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, based on the amount of traffic, the rug’s condition, and the level of treatment it gets. Rugs collected by enthusiasts and sold for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars are often centuries old.

      5. How do you remove dog urine from a Persian rug?

      Make a 50/50 blend of white vinegar and water. To ensure that this combination will not allow your rug’s colours to fly, test it on the back of the carpet. If running doesn’t take place, saturate the urine region of the rug and let the mixture stay for 3-5 minutes.

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