Most Reliable Commercial Rug Cleaning in Kewdale

      Rugs give comfort and warmth to tile or hardwood flooring while also filtering the air by collecting dirt and allergies. These rugs require frequent cleaning and maintenance from skilled rug cleaning specialists due to their use in high-traffic areas and proclivity to accumulate dirt.

      Our skilled commercial rug experts have received extensive training in recognising various fibers, weaving structures, and varieties of rugs. Each rug in your establishment will preserve its brightness and beauty thanks to its specialised expertise and attention to detail. We have considerable knowledge of all sorts of area rugs and cleaning procedures as specialists in providing exceptional commercial rug cleaning services.

      So, contact us to make your rug shine like a new one. With high technology and safe products, we ensure a deep rug cleaning. You can also call us for a same-day Commercial Cleaning Service in Kewdale. Hurry up!

      We Preserve the Beauty of Your Rug

      Our expert rug cleaners reach your place and provide a unique and customised strategy for cleaning your authentic rug. Here are the steps of our standard procedure of commercial rug cleaning in Kewdale:

      Step 1: Inspection

      We thoroughly examine the rug for stains, bleach marks, burns, fading, colour-bleeding and any existing damages. The inspection procedure gives us an idea about the fabric of the rug, stains, and other factors. With this information, we ensure a safe and deep rug cleaning.

      Step 2: Pre-Testing

      To select the optimum cleaning procedure, we test a tiny section of your rug. Not all cleaning solvents are suitable for all fabrics. That’s why we always follow the pre-testing procedure.

      Step 3: Cleaning

      Following pre-testing to determine the optimal procedure, our gentle cleaning process eliminates dirt, dust, and allergies without harming the rug fibres or dye. We use advanced machinery and safe products to clean your rug without any complications. We understand that Persian rugs are huge investments, and that’s why we ensure a cleaning procedure that will help sustain the life of the flooring.

      Step 4: Drying

      To keep the shape of the area rugs, we dry them flat. We use air movers or fans to speed up the drying process. A proper drying process ensures safety from mould infestations and further damages. That’s why we hand over a perfectly dry rug to our customers.

      Before booking our services, you can get detailed information about our cleaning procedure on call. So, connect with us now to rejuvenate your old commercial rug.

      Custom Cleaning Plan for a Healthy Environment

      Your schedule, our services

      We’ll get to know your place of business before devising a cleaning and disinfection strategy that’s tailored to your specific requirements. We may arrange for our rug cleaning services to be performed at a time and frequency that is convenient for you and your facility. We understand that working hours are crucial for any business and that’s why we don’t disturb your schedule. Instead, we offer a flexible timing of your choice to ensure the best rug wash in Kewdale.

      Make Time and Money Savings

      Outsourcing rug cleaning services can help you save money and cleaning time by up to 25% while keeping a clean, sanitised workplace.

      Trained Professionals for the Best Rug Cleaning in Kewdale

      Our rug cleaning specialists have received extensive training and employ patented cleaning and disinfection technologies that significantly reduce bacterias, germs and dust along with other components. These trained rug cleaning experts are well-trained in cleaning all types of rugs like oriental and Persian rugs. We have a name in the industry for the best Persianrug cleaning services in Kewdale.

      Healthy, Stress-free Environment

      A clean workplace reduces staff-sick days and protects your clients from potentially hazardous germs and bacteria. A complete rug cleaning also improves the look of your reception area or cabins and imprint a good impression on visitors.

      These small details of your workplace play a major role in business partnerships. With deep cleaning and sanitisation, we offer a healthy environment for both your clients and employees.

      We Care About Your Rugs

      Advanced Cleaning Techniques

      Our skilled commercial rug cleaning services help you safeguard your consumers and staff by utilising cutting-edge technology and techniques. Simply said, we care about cleanliness, and it shows in our work, our people, our responsibility to you, and our dedication to keeping our promises every day.

      We Hold Ourselves to a Higher Standard

      We continuously chase the best cleaning standards with personalised programmes intended to match your needs, whether daily, nightly, or one-time office cleaning services. We are always just one call away. To ensure perfect customer satisfaction, we do what we say.

      Commercial Rug Cleaning Services for Any Industry

      We provide skilled commercial cleaning services that encourage healthy work conditions and keep your facilities dazzling, whether your firm is in an office building, clinic, or school. A proprietary technology that outperforms standard cleaning processes is available from our cleaning professionals. We also utilise incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals without leaving any residue or scents behind. We have the resources and strategies to manage your cleaning and disinfection tasks regardless of the type of facility you have.

      Connect With Us Right Away!

      You don’t need to bother about secondary activities like removing stains and cleaning rugs in your hectic company and job routine. We are here to relieve you of the burden of these soiled rugs. Call Spark Carpeting Cleaning Perth and prepare to witness your workplace rug shine like it never has before. Without a doubt, you can rely on our services. We are good at what we do.

      We provide excellent yet affordable rug cleaning services for business properties. Our professionals will take care of any size or style of rug. We would gladly undertake a thorough cleaning for you. You may book the rug cleaning service whenever is convenient for you; we will not interfere with your working hours.

      So, give us a call right now and speak with one of our Kewdale Rug Cleaning. You may also receive a quote over the phone.


      1. How do you clean an old rug?

      We at Spark Rug Cleaning Kewdale have an excellent team that is specialized in cleaning all types of rugs no matter the size and type. Even if your rug is old, we can clean it completely. However, it is recommended to clean your rug with professional services to keep it fresh. Cleaning and repairing also help to add years to the rug’s lifespan. So, for more information, call our services and talk to the experts.

      2. Can cleaning add life to my rug?

      Yes. By removing dirt, dust, stain, and other harmful particles, you can keep your rug clean and add years to its life.

      3. How much does it cost for commercial rug cleaning in Kewdale?

      The cost may vary according to the stains, damages, type, and size of the rug. However, we at Spark Rug Cleaning Kewdale offer complete cleaning at affordable rates. You can get a quote over the phone and we don’t have hidden costs. You can call us anytime and talk to our experts regarding commercial rug cleaning service in Kewdale.

      4. Can I call professionals if my rug is damaged by water?

      Yes. You must call the professional rug cleaners for water extraction. We at Spark Rug Cleaning Perth restore water damages and extract the water by various latest techniques. We believe in the complete cleanliness of the rug and hence use safe cleaning agents to clean it properly.

      5. How can I preserve my rug for years?

      Rugs are known for their durability and authentic feel. Many antique rugs are preserved for more than 10 years. It makes it more valuable in terms of art. To keep your rug safe, you must clean it regularly. Also, repairing even minor damages may add life to your rug.

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