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      Looking for a professional carpet and rug cleaning service in Perth? Get in touch with Spark Rug Cleaning Perth for the same-day carpet rug cleaning service. Our rug cleaning Perth team is experienced, honest, and very friendly. Further, we are experts in removing all kinds of stubborn stains from your rug that reduce the life of the rug and spoil the look of your abode. We are proud to be the leading domestic and commercial carpet rug cleaning service provider in Perth.

      We offer carpet rug cleaning service at the most affordable price, and we have the best rug cleaners with us. They are situated locally and offer you professional rug cleaning service at any point in time. So, if you are looking for an efficient and effective carpet rug cleaning service, then you know who to call!

      Spark Rug Cleaning Perth is a reputed carpet rug cleaning service provider in Perth. We are capable of cleaning any kind and size of rug including cotton, woollen, silk, oriental, and many more. No matter how severe is the damage, our best rug cleaners would try their best to restore your precious rug to its pristine condition. Further, we use solvents that are eco-friendly, safe, and healthy for carpets, humans, and pets. Also, our master cleaners are certified and licensed to offer persian rug cleaning services in Perth. So, if you are looking for the most efficient, affordable, and effective carpet rug cleaning service provider in Perth, then call us. Get in touch with our staff to avail of our quote.

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        Why Choose us for Rug Cleaning Service

        Spark Rug Cleaning Perth is an expert in cleaning and restoring all kinds of rugs. We use the latest solvents and technology to ensure that your rugs are restored to their original condition.

        Further, if you are still thinking about calling us for cleaning rugs or not, then read the below-mentioned points:

        • We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to provide you the finest and effective commercial cleaning service perth.
        • We offer a free stain protection solution to extend the life of your rugs and keep them spotless for a longer time.
        • We are the local and experienced carpet and rug cleaners.
        • We work 24/7 to offer you emergency and same-day services to get rid of the ugly stains from your rug at the earliest.
        • We offer the most cost-effective carpet rug cleaning service to all our customers in Perth
        • We employ the best rug cleaners to provide you with a highly professional rug cleaning service.
        • Our rug cleaning Perth team is licensed and has vast knowledge about cleaning rugs.
        • We are the highest-rated rug cleaning Perth Company.
        • We provide a free on-call quote.
        • We are just a call away from your doorstep.
        • We are the best carpet and rug cleaning Perth Company. Our team of rug cleaning specialist is available round-the-clock and will reach your property as soon as you contact us and book our service.

        No matter how damaged the rug is, our professional rug cleaners will use the best solvents and methods to restore it to its best version. So, call us and avail yourself of the finest rug cleaning service in Perth at an unbeatable price.

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          Benefits of Hiring a Professional Carpet Rug Cleaner Perth

          With regular usage, carpets become homes to dust, dirt, and other foreign particles. Further, to keep your rugs flawless and healthy, it is necessary to regularly clean them professionally. Additionally, professional rug cleaners in Perth have detailed knowledge about the rugs, and which cleaning method will be best suited for them.

          Plus, there are several benefits you get after hiring a rug cleaner in Perth:

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            They have training and certification to do the cleaning job quickly and effectively.

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            The professional rug cleaning specialist use eco-friendly solutions which are safe for rugs, humans, and your four-legged family members.

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            Further, it extends the life of your rug.

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            Use high-tech products and machines to quickly clean and dry the rugs.

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            They even get rid of permanent stains, dust mites, bacteria from the carpet.

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          Rug Cleaning Perth Process

          Considering how fragile and intriguing rugs are, our professional persian rug cleaning expert follow the highest standard rug cleaning process to remove stains without damaging the delicate fabric.

          Read more to know about our process of cleaning rugs:


          Our professional rug cleaners do a thorough inspection to ensure the quality and the fabric of the rug.

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          After inspecting the rug, we start with the process of vacuum cleaning the rug.

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          Hot Water Extraction

          This process is essential to get rid of foreign contaminants, dirt, and other harmful allergens from the rugs.

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          Drying is crucial to ensure that there is no mould growth on the rug.


          Post-inspection is the process to be 100% sure that the carpet is cleaned and spotless as new.


          Choosing the best rug cleaner is crucial to avoid damage to the delicate fabric. Any cleaning solution which is verified and has IICRC certification is considered good for rug cleaning. Just ensure that you use only the rug cleaner that suits the rug's fabric.

          Yes, rugs can be cleaned. If you have proper knowledge about cleaning solutions and techniques, then you can clean the rugs by yourself. But if you don’t, then you may damage the rug further. Thus it is advised to get a professional to help you clean rugs and carpets.

          Steam cleaning is considered the best method to deep clean rugs and carpets. Further, this method requires special machines and tools to ensure the best cleaning results.

          Steam cleaning is a comprehensive process that is considered best to remove deeply embedded dust, dirt, and foreign particles.

          Cleaning the rug is a complex job, and it required training and experience. If you are looking for an affordable rug cleaning service, then Spark Rug Cleaning Perth is the best choice.

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