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Having a bathroom rug feels classy, giving comfort to your feet. However, dirt and filth on your flooring are not comfy, and you may get irritated by these pollutants. So, what should you do? In this guide by professional rug cleaners, you will know everything about keeping your bathroom carpeting always clean. Have a look:

How to Clean Your Bath Rugs?

Cleaning your bath floorings is different from cleaning a Persian or oriental rug in your dining hall. Bathroom carpets get more moisture and less dirt. Though these substances are great enemies of your rug, dampness can become a party hub for pests, mildew and fungi. Here is what you should do:

Step 1: Shake Your Bath Rug

Shaking your flooring will remove solid soil particles and dust. Take your carpeting outside, hold both the corners (take someone’s help if you have a large rug), and give it a good shake. You can also use a broom and vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and other pollutants, but this one is a quick trick.

Step 2: Examine the Care Label

Check the back or corners of your flooring for the care label. That simple act can save your flooring from an entirely incorrect cleaning method. Knowing your rug’s type always help but if you don’t have an idea about that, at least read the care tag for detailed instructions. Some rugs are machine-washable, and some need a good handwash. So, by reading the label, you will know which method to use.

Professionals inspect your carpeting and apply an appropriate method accordingly. You can also ask your Perth rug cleaning experts for additional maintenance tips according to the flooring type. This knowledge will help you in extending the life of your bath rug.

Step 3: Let Your Vacuum Cleaner Do the Double Duty

Vacuum cleaners with correct suction settings and upholstery attachments can remove hidden dust and dirt from a flooring. All you have to do is, plan a vacuuming routine and stick to it. If your household uses the bath mat a lot, vacuum clean the rug twice a week; if not, once a week is fine.

Step 4: Clean it Properly

Vacuuming or shaking once a week is not enough to keep your rug clean. Even you know that your bath flooring gets constant moisture and pollutants. Keeping them dry can be a task. So, here are some of the methods to clean them:

Method 1: Use Vinegar as a Cleaning Solvent

Vinegar is known for its excellent cleaning and odour removal properties. It eliminates germs, stains and odd smells. People also use it as a softening agent for their rugs. By using this natural solvent, your rug shines and feels cleaner than before, as Vinegar doesn’t leave any residues behind.

Method 2: Try Handwashing Technique

Some floorings made with Jute, Persian or bamboo material need handwashing treatment. You can’t force these rugs into a washing machine. Handwashing is easy and won’t harm the carpeting.

  • Beat or shake the bath mat outdoor to remove loose dirt and dust particles.
  • Use a stain remover to eliminate the minor stains.
  • Get a large container to hold the flooring and pour cold water.
  • Use suitable bleach and detergent if your rug is filthy. (Bleach is harmful to many rug types, so be careful and ask professionals for an appropriate cleaning solvent.)
  • Ensure the detergent is evenly distributed and the rug submerged in the tub or container.
  • Let it soak for around 25-30 minutes.
  • Put some hand gloves and give the flooring a good shake.
  • Let it dry outside.

If you think you don’t have time for the procedure or want a safe and deep cleaning, then hiring rug cleaning services is the best choice. Professionals are qualified for such jobs, and they know which detergents to use according to flooring’s material and cleaning history. So, call professionals and enjoy a deep cleaning treatment of your floorings.

Why Does Your Bathroom Rug Need Regular Special Attention?

Imagine stepping out of the tub or shower, all fresh and ready for the bright day (or a calm night) and then your feet get the uncomfortable feeling of filth. Yes, you need to pay attention to your bathroom rugs. You may forget to vacuum these floorings while cleaning the others in your home. It is natural to forget this one as it’s not in front of your eyes 24/7. However, the humid air in the washroom combined with the moisture and your wet footprints lead to dirty carpeting. Then, your rug becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and germs. So, keep an eye on your bath mats and hire Perth rug cleaning experts to look after them once a year.

How Often to Clean Your Bath Rugs?

The cleaning routine and frequency may vary for each rug. It depends on how frequently you and your family members (or roommates) use the washroom, how many people reside at your place, what your rug’s material is, etc. However, you should clean and dry your bathroom rugs every three weeks.

Types of Bath Rugs

If you are thinking about investing in a bath rug, you should know the types beforehand. You can choose easy-to-clean flooring and learn how to take care of it.

Bathroom rugs are mostly of these four types:

  • Cotton Bath Rugs
  • Microfiber Bath Rugs
  • Chenille Bath Rugs
  • Memory Foam Bath Mats

No matter what type of flooring you have, all bath mats face one major issue: constant dampness. So, if you are buying a new bath rug, choose a water-resistant one. That will lead you to fewer efforts on cleaning and maintenance.

Bath rugs are comparatively easy to handle as they don’t get heavy traffic. You only have to focus on keeping them moisture-free, which is a tough job. However, with the help of this guide and yearly cleaning or inspection by rug washing Perth experts, you can keep your flooring as good as new. All the best!

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