Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Rug Cleaning and Maintenance

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You might have seen hemp bags, clothing and papers, but the hemp rug is one of a kind. You have a unique test if you have hemp flooring. But, how can you make them last longer? How can you care for this delicate yet super sturdy material? Let’s have a look at rug cleaning specialist’s tips and tricks for hemp floorings:

Spot Cleaning Treatment

Have you spilt coffee on the flooring? Don’t worry; you can fix it. No matter how careful you are, accidents happen, and you should not blame yourself for that. Instead, take quick action to stop its further effects. Here is what you should do in such situations:

  • Take a clean, white clothing towel and press it firmly to blot (not scrub) the spill. Work from outside to inside to avoid spreading.
  • If it’s a solid spill like a cake or other food item, remove the particles with a dull knife or spoon. Even a nail file can work well. Follow step one after removal of the solid material.
  • You can use club soda while blotting red wine and tomato sauce spills. The solution neutralises the spot soon.
  • Let your hemp rug dry properly after blotting. This trick often works well, but you can try cleaning it with mild soap or rug shampoos. However, you have to be very careful while choosing the solution according to the fabric. Read the care label or ask rug cleaning Alexander Heights experts to suggest the most suitable and safe cleaner.
  • Do test the solution on a corner patch before moving ahead.

If you think it is impossible to clean the spill or it’s too risky to apply DIYs on your delicate hemp rug, call rug cleaning Balcatta professionals. They will remove the stain without any hassle within a few hours. So, don’t let a tiny spill ruin the flooring’s fibres. Call experts immediately.

How to Deal with Pet Accidents on Your Hemp Rug?

If you have furry friends sharing a shelter with you, urines and other spills are normal. You can deal with them immediately by following these steps:

  • As for other spills, you have to blot the urine stain as soon as you spot it. Take a clean towel and blot it well from the outside.
  • Even if you clean the urine stain, the odour lingers forever. So, to neutralise the odour, put a half cup of white vinegar in half a cup of water.
  • Damp a towel with the solution and blot the spot again.
  • Let the rug dry properly.
  • In case of vomit or faeces, scrape up the excess solid particles and bot the stain. Then, follow the above procedure.

Dealing with urine, vomit, or faces can be disgusting to many. That’s alright. We understand your health concerns. You can call professional rug cleaning Bambun services for an emergency cleaning in such cases. The experts will reach your place on time and take care of the flooring.

Maintenance Tips to Keep Hemp Rugs Always Clean

  • Let the Vaccum’s Touch do the Magic

Imagine you step on your rug, and all you can feel is the dust instead of comfort or the fabric’s softness. What’s the value for money you invested in the highly-priced, unique hemp flooring if it can’t give your toes the softness it urges for? Yes, you are right. But, in this case, the fabric or flooring is not the one to blame.

Every flooring needs vacuuming to keep the loose dust and debris at bay. These dust particles ruin the texture of the rug and make it filthy. So, what’s the solution? It’s simple:

  • Take your vacuum cleaner out and switch on the suction mode.
  • Start vacuuming the flooring, turn it back and clean again.
  • Be cautious not to use the beater bar as it can damage the delicate threads.
    While vacuuming bound rugs, be extra careful with the binding borders.
  • Don’t overclean or let the machine sit on bindings as it can damage it.
  • Also, try vacuuming in the direction of binding to avoid pulling up the fibres.

The simple act of vacuuming twice a week will reduce the build-up of dust and extend the life of your flooring. Also, it will help you remove the spills easily as the particles won’t mingle with the dust hidden inside the threads. You can ask your regular rug cleaning Banksia Grove experts for more such advice.

Pro Tip: Make several passes in the same area to eliminate all trapped dust particles and move the cleaner in all directions.

  • Protect the Fiber

Ask your professional rug cleaning specialists for the best fabric protector. These are the layers that safeguard the threads from future spills. The protector minimises the damage, and you can easily clean that spot at home.

  • Keep an Eye on Spills

If you spot a stain or witness a spill accident, take immediate action. Call rug cleaning Balcatta experts, or take a clean towel and blot it. Pets like to wreck the fibres with their nails. So, keep your furry friends away from the rugs.

What is the Difference Between Hemp and Jute Rugs?

Knowing your rug’s material is the first and most vital thing. Many people get confused between hemp and jute material due to their similarities. If you consider your hemp rug a jute or jute rug as hemp, there can be huge blunders while cleaning it. So, to avoid that, here is what you should know about these two fabrics:

Hemp fabric belongs to Cannabis native plant species and contains a psychoactive component called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The unique composition makes the material more durable. On the other hand, jute belongs to the genus Corchorus. The long and shiny material is also known as golden fibre due to its high cash value and brown-golden colour.

The sustainability of natural hemp fibre is incomparable to synthetic materials. So, are you ready to see your hemp rug as clean as before? Memorise these tips, and your flooring will live a long way.

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