Why Avoid Persian Rug Cleaning and Repair at Home?

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All kinds of rugs require cleaning for longevity, better appearance, and hygiene. Persian Wool Rug Cleaning is best performed by washing. However, valuable Persian rugs deserve special treatment from Persian rug cleaning expert.

Self-cleaning of rugs at home is highly discouraged by Spark Rug Cleaning Perth. In this blog, find out the reasons why you should avoid performing Persian rug cleaning and repair at home.

1. Lack of Materials Knowledge

Persian rugs may be made from woolen fibers with overlapping designs. The texture of the Persian rugs attracts dust that remains stuck deep inside the wool strands. Your clean-looking Persian rugs may hold tons of dirt that remain invisible from a distance. You may perform Persian wool rug cleaning at home using DIY tips and vacuum cleaners but it never completely removes dirt from the rugs.

Professional Persian Rug Cleaning Perth is performed by experts who possess knowledge of different rugs. Professionals have access to effective tools and skills for performing rugs cleaning that gives desirable results.

2. Excessive Use of Water

Many understand that Persian rugs need to be washed for cleaning and end up hosing it down. Careless hosing of Persian rugs leads to color bleeding, shrinkage, or fiber damage. Additionally, excessive use of water for Persian wool rug cleaning will take a long time in drying.

Handling such heavy rugs becomes difficult at home due to a lack of manpower and equipment. Therefore, availing of Persian Rug Cleaning Services Perth is highly recommended. Mishandling of delicate Persian rugs leads to early deterioration; hence such complicated tasks should be left for Persian rug cleaning expert.

3. Avoiding Rug Washing Horrors

Persian rug wash Perth should be done by experts, as it is your prized possession. Lack of experience and knowledge about Persian rug cleaning and repair results in rug washing horrors. Soil and dirt in the rugs harden after a time and start rotting that damages your rugs severely.

In such situations, wet cleaning, or use of chemicals may lead to permanent damage, mould infestation, fabric stretching, color fadedness, and leakage. With a slight mistake, your valuable Persian rugs can get destroyed. Avoid such mistakes by hiring a professional Persian rug cleaning Perth.

The Efficiency of Persian Rug Cleaning Expert

The rugs must be handled with care and should be treated at professional cleaning centers for effective Persian wool rug cleaning. Only the professionals have access to the right cleaning solvents and modern equipment.

Persian Rug Cleaning Services Perth includes delicate inspection, vacuuming, pit washing, and careful handling of the rugs. Persian rug cleaning Perth removes all kinds of dirt and stains from the rugs. The rugs are dried effectively and quickly, which isn’t possible at home.


Avoid poor Persian rug cleaning and repair practices at home for preventing irreversible damages and discoloration. Lack of knowledge, experience, skills, and equipment are the reasons why handling valuable Persian rugs at home is not recommended by a Persian rug cleaning expert.

When you need the finest quality Persian rug cleaning services Perth, feel free to contact us Spark Rug Cleaning Perth. Call us for more information.

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